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Result of Marathi Drama ‘B’ Group Competition 2020-21

23 Mar 21
Kala Academy
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The results of the Marathi Drama Competition ‘B’ Group organized by Kala Academy from 22nd Feb to 16th March 2021 at Ravindra Bhavan, Sakhali have been declared and accordingly “Arya Chanakya ” staged by Om Kala Saunskrutik Kendra, Halarn-Pedne have been awarded the first prize of Rs 50,000/-. “Queens Chamber” staged by Suyog Kala Manch, Karmali  and “Question Mark” staged by Aasth Creation, Pilgao-Bicholim  have won second and third Prizes of Rs 40,000/- and Rs 30,000/ respectively. The Consolation prize of Rs. 20,000/- were awarded to “Aakashmithi” staged by Natyasampada-Goa, Nagzar-Pernem.

The first prize for best direction is awarded to Nilesh Mohan Naik for the drama “Arya Chanakya”,  Shri. Suraj Haldonkar  for the drama “Queens Chamber” and Shri. Gautam Anant Gaude  for the drama “Question Mark” have bagged second and third prize respectively for the best direction.

The first prize for best acting in male category was bagged by Makarand Parab for the role of Chanakya in the drama “Arya Chanakya whereas the  second prize was awarded to Shri. Mohinish Vernekar for the role of Dr. Sudesh in the drama “Queens Chamber”. The merit certificates of acting (male) have been awarded to Gautam Anant Gaude – Shesh (Question Mark), Pranav Kotibhaskar – Sarjerao (Amaldaar), Chandreshekar Gawas – Shivaji (Akashmiti),  Mandar Parab– Baji (Karin ti Purv), Bhalchandra Usgaonkar – Shivaji Maharaj(Shiv Alingan),  Hemant Shambhu Naik – Kunvarji Shirke (Shikka Katyar) & Narayan Bhatvadekar – Shrimant Narayanrao Peshwe (‘Dha’ Cha ‘Ma’).

The first prize for best acting in female category was awarded to Kum. Shradha Dhond for the role of Yesubai in the drama “Ithe Oshalala Mrutyu” whereas the second prize in acting was bagged by Shilpa Sakhalkar for the role of Anandibai in the drama ‘Dha Cha Ma’. The merit certificates of acting (Female) have been bagged by Aishwarya Nayar – Raksha (Question Mark),   Prathama Mahale – Savita (Queens Chamber),  Vibha Vaze – Jijabai (Akashmiti), Smt. Akshada Shetkar – Gajara (Karin ti Purva), Smt. Nivedita Chandroji Punekar – Maisaheb (Ammaldaar) & Sharada Shetkar– rajkunvar (Shikka Katyar).

The best stage set up award was bagged by Maheshwar Parab for the Drama “Arya Chanakya,” whereas the merit certificate  for stage set up was awarded to Kapil Chari for the drama “Queens Chamber”.

The best  light effect award was secured by Gaurav Barve for the drama “Arya Chanakya” and the merit certificate was given to Vaibhav Naik for drama “Queens Chamber”.

The best costume award  was awarded to Roshan Parab for  the  drama “Arya Chanakya”  and  the  merit certificate was  bagged  by Smt. Vidhya Parit  for  “Ithe Oshalala Mrutyu”.

The best background music award was given to  Nilesh Mohan Naik for “Arya Chanakya” whereas merit certificate was awarded to Pandurang Naik  for “Ithe Oshalala Mrutyu”.

The best make-up award was awarded to Sajro Shetgaonkar  for “Arya Chanakya” and the merit certificate was bagged by Dilip Mandrekar  for “Akashmiti”.

The total number of entries received were 16 out of which only 12 plays were staged in this competition. The panel of judges consisting of Shri. Devidas Amonkar, Shri. Devanand Malvankar & Shri. Sandeep Dayanand Fadte judged the competition. Kala Academy has congratulated all the prize winners and the prize distribution of this competition and other drama competitions of Kala Academy will be declared at later stage. All are requested to make a note of the same.