Kala Academy 50 YearsKala Academy Goa, the premiere institute acting in the field of Art & Culture has been doing Yeoman Service in identifying, nurturing and promoting art. Thus, it has evolved as center of  various forms of art. Ever since its inception, it has been bedrock of huge number of activities and programmes organized across various fields and discipline of art to fructify the goals and aim of this institute.


Kala Academy Goa


Kala Academy plays a pivotal role in forming a niche in the cultural and performing studies of Goa. Kala Academy since its inception as an institution of academics has been a creative and liberal space for innovation and experimentation. As an institution, it has deeply influenced the art practices in Goa over the years.

The changing times and trends have also evolved several challenges. Providing quality art education to young people is our prime concern. Similarly providing quality space and ecosystem to young minds to engage in different art practices and forms have been our core agenda. Kala Academy is evolving as a premier institution of art in the State of Goa. The State which has ISO 9000 certified policy for Art & Culture, Kala Academy helms the academic and scholarship of art and its practice.


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Kala Academy Goa - कला अकादमी गोवा आयोजित पं. मनोहरबुवा शिरगांवकर स्मृती भजन स्पर्धा २०२२-२३

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