Staff of Department of Western Music

Department  of Western Music:

  •     Ms. Tereza Figueiredo, Lecturer in Cello
  •     Ms. Gorette Pinheiro, Lecturer  in Violin
  •     Mrs. Louella Fernandes, Piano Teacher
  •     Mr. Francis Almeida, Guitar Teacher
  •     Ms. Pearl De Lima Viegas, Teacher in Piano
  •     Ms. Inez Fernandes, Keyboard Teacher
  •     Mr. Roy Menezes, Solfeggio/Theory & Wind Instruments Teacher
  •     Mr. Glenlord A.E. Rodrigues, Teacher in Guitar
  •     Mr. Shannon Fernandes, Violin Teacher
  •     Mr. Savio Fernandes, Violin Teacher
  •     Ms. Jean Kalgutkar, Lecture basis- Teacher in Choir Singing
  •     Shri Noel Thomas, Music Trainer (DAC Staff-on deputation to Kala Academy)